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Modern Krav Maga

Evolved self-defense for a modern world.

  • 40 minutos
  • Rise HQ

Descripción del servicio

Our Modern Krav Maga classes at Rise Training Center presents Krav Maga as a dynamic, adaptive methodology that absorbs the best aspects of multiple fighting systems. By continuously evolving, we ensure our techniques remain relevant and realistic for the challenges of the modern world. In this class, you'll learn how to respond to threats effectively and decisively. We cover a broad range of scenarios - from one on one encounters to dealing with armed attackers to navigating multiple attackers. Our hybrid approach makes the program accessible and effective for individuals of all fitness and skill levels. Be it fostering confidence, improving physical fitness, or providing valuable life-saving skills, our Modern Krav Maga class is a comprehensive self-defense package that equips you with the tools to effectively protect yourself and others, making it the heart of our program at Rise Training Center.

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Detalles del contacto

  • 2207 Marietta Ave, Lancaster, PA 17603, USA

    +1+ 7179997473

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