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Take a look at all we have to offer to help you become safer, fitter and more confident!

Modern Krav Maga

No Belts.  No Rituals.  No Non-Sense.  Our Modern Krav Maga classes will teach you how to realistically defend yourself or your loved ones PLUS offer a great workout to help you be Fit To Fight against life's challenges!  Ages 14+


No - Gi Grappling

No matter how skilled or strong you are, acts of violence can lead to you defending yourself from the ground!  Our Grappling classes focus more on self-defense by pulling from jiu-jitsu and wrestling to teach you how to fight your way back to your feet faster and safer!  Ages 14+


Heavy Bag Fit

This class is a BLAST in more ways than one!  Not only will you blast away stress, calories and fat on the heavy bags, but you will also improve your strength, mobility and conditioning with functional exercises using bodyweight, kettlebells, resistance bands and more!  (Boxing gloves and a fitness/yoga mat are required)  Ages 14+



MITTmania is a great way to improve coordination and stamina while learning how to punch, kick, knee and elbow properly!  This kickboxing class is great as a fitness class and to improve skillsets!  (Boxing gloves are required)  Ages 14+



Sparology Kickboxing ties together stand up striking from kickboxing and clinch work from wrestling and grappling to bring you a well rounded, practical kickboxing self-defense class!  (Boxing gloves + approved shin guards are required) Ages 14+


Rise Kids

Our non-aggressive self-defense curriculum is the same movements and techniques as the adults, but we refine and simplify it so kids learn, have fun, and become more engaged and self aware of their actions.  Ages 6 - 8


Rise Pre-Teen

We take the same curriculum we use in our adult classes, but refine and simplify it so pre-teens build better awareness, confidence and the skills to effectively keep themselves safe while being responsible.  Ages 9 - 13

Let's Work Together

Our mission at Rise Training Center is to help our community tackle life's challenges, build confidence in our members and bring out the overall best in each other every day!

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